A B & The Sea — Yellow Haired Girl

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A B & The Sea - "Yellow Haired Girl"
Band Website: http://www.myspace.com/abthesea
Tabbed by Lemmers
Capo on the 3rd fret
Chords Used:
D#  - x32010  -  C shape
G#  - 133211  -  F shape
A#  - 320003  -  G shape
Cm  - x02210  -  Am shape
F   - xx0232  -  D shape
C   F   C   G
I still remember little yellow haired girl
         F          C
With the little hot curlers in her hair
            G        C        
My mind was floating around somewhere
                     F              C
And dancing with the smoke from her lips
                                   G     C
And the Parliament she held in her fingertips
  C           F            C       G     C
But on my way down from my highest point
                F                C                         G
I might hit the ground, but I'll never believe a word they say
            C           F             C       G    C
When they say that only fools drop it all for love
     F               C         G
Only fools leave the money and run
Am                D                        F
There in the lobby I can hear them screaming
All the people start to shout
C        Am
Hey man, turn yourself around
F                        G
We don't really like the way your turning out
C                  Am
Oh boy, you really crack me up
F                                  G
We're going this this alone, ain't ever gonna stop
F                                C       Am      
And I don't want to see you with anybody else
F                          G
She's my little heroin and I want her all to myself

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